Maximising utilisation for Electric Vehicles

More data, more productive EV fleet

Reducing downtime, increasing utilisation

Spark helps fleets manage and utilse their EVs and drivers enhancing efficiency and profits.

How does it work?

Spark pulls data from car using our devices. Spark mobile application reports live data to Spark servers. Patented algorithms using machine learning analyse multiple generated datasets. Spark advises on energy requirments for each journey through our EV scheduler or with your existing dispatch system. Unlike existing systems, Spark applies artificial intelligence to live vehicle and driver data for increased accuracy.

Device arrives by post

Plug into car

Deliver optimum utilisation

Simple device, clever software

Simple device.

Receive Spark device with order, plug into car

Always up to date.

Latest software and data to manage your fleet

Live fleet tracking

Monitors live GPS data and traffic information

Driving style

Analyse your journeys for enhanced journey prediction

Machine learning for greater accuracy

Systems adapts and learns with every journey

Your data is safe

Industry standard 256-bit encryption

Taxi and delivery fleets

We take several data points like payload, battery and driver style to give your drivers a true journey prediction. Our software can provide higher utilisation across fleets. This means deliver more successful deliveries between charges. This significantly increasing earnings per vehicle and reduces driver downtime.

Our software connects straight into your existing dispatch system using our API giving you ability to dispatch single and batch journeys with minimal fuss. Spark also gives you data to know where and how your vehicles are driving for enhanced customer service and driver training.


With changes in legislation across the EU, a move to zero emission cable vehicles is coming. Spark helps drivers transition to EV's, increasing their vehicles journeys between charges. This has the benefit of removing range anxiety and saving consumers on their electricity bills.

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No range anxiety and less charging

Peace of mind - no more fears of running out of charge

More completed journeys between each vehicle charge

Latest technology at your fingertips

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For Fleets
For fleets with mobile workforces

Dispatch by energy available, ensuring higher fleet efficiency

Easily integrates with your dispatch software via our API

Unprecedented planning and visibility over your fleet

Latest data for enhanced customer service and driver training

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Real time information

Spark pulls and review data from the vehicle every 30 seconds to give the latest information in changing climates. To find where your device plugs in, please select your vehicle manufacturer list here.

Accuracy by learning

Spark applies machine learning algorithms to update and improve the accuracy of journey predictions. Our technology takes into account driver behaviour by looking at how many miles completed in between charges and has onboard diagnostics looking at average speed, heavy braking and atmospherics.